Chelsea Brooke Roisum is a one of a kind photographer following light, love and laughter everywhere she goes. 

Working with her is about much more than the photographs, it's the experience of sharing love and positive energy, which lives on in the photographs. Her specialty is capturing moments that will last a lifetime. 


Get to know Chelsea a little better

I'm 35 but feel 16. I think I'll always feel this way. 

I'm mama to two amazing little boys, Douglas and Aubrey. They melt my heart and drive me crazy every day. 

I looooove to dance. Salsa music makes me extra happy and drums speak to my soul. 

I love my friends and have been blessed with an amazing group of girls that I'd do anything for. You all know who you are...

I love to travel and feel at home everywhere I go. Ghana stole my heart back in 2003 and I recently fell in love with Costa Rica. I've never visited a place I didn't love.

I love Spanish and hope to be fluent one day. 

I'm best friends with my grade 2 French teacher. xx

I'm a daddy's girl at heart and my mama is my twin. I'm beyond blessed and forever grateful. 

I love baby goats. 

I enjoy butter...a lot. 

I am friends with the fairies. No really...I am. 

I believe in the Law of Attraction. 100%. 

I'm happiest in the sunshine and hope to set up shop one day where the coconuts grow and my skin stays bronzed. But for now, Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast is a dream come true. 

I live to create and my goal is to spread LOVE and positive vibrations through beautiful captured moments. 

Thank you for visiting my website and for exploring my images. I appreciate it more than you know.