Little Black Dress Gala 2017

I'm so proud of my friend Alpha. 7 years ago, when I was enjoying the downtown life, I used to see him sitting at the 24 hour Blenz coffee shops working on putting together a fundraising event. "I want to have a special night that everyone and anyone can dress up for and feel their best and have a great time and donate the money to help change my city" is what he would say to me. 

I photographed the first Little Black Dress Gala (LBD) 5 years ago so when I see how far the movement has come, it inspires me beyond words. This past event was extra special because Alpha's parents came all the way from Uganda. It was truly a dream come true. 

The President of Help Change My City, Christine Michelle is also a dear friend of mine. She is a true inspiration and an amazing example to many. Plus...I love seeing what she does with the images I capture from the events!

I love photographing the Little Black Dress Galas. I feel free to follow the light and create art which is truly my favorite way to capture an event. No need to pose for me! 

Find out more about Alpha and Help Change my City and feel free to get involved! The more the merrier!

Enjoy the photos and share away!


Tristan & Alexa - Cancun Love

This gorgeous couple met in Cancun on a fun spring break adventure and decided to get married in the same spot 10 years later. It was an epic week of celebrating love being surrounded by family and a big group of best friends. 

We took some romantic photos the day before the guests arrived which made for an extra fun and relaxed wedding day. 

I love destination weddings!!